The treasures of the sea.

Selenite Crystal Waterfall Wall Hanging

$ 480.00

Adorn your wall with elegant and energetic Selenite Crystal with this impressive Crystal Weave design.  Selenite Crystal carries and enhances energies of light and love, and is said to connect us to the realm of the angels.  It is my intention to bring these properties into your home with a visually stunning piece of art.  


Highest quality Selenite Crystal from the caves of Morocco. Known as "The Angelic Stone" Selenite Crystal connects us to the realm of the angels.  It holds energetic properties of Light and Love. 

Desert Creosote Branch:  Supports the release of that which is holding us back from our true self expression.  Creosote survive in Southwestern Deserts and can be thousands of years old.  They symbolize Perseverance, Strength, Optimism, Determination, and our Ancestral connections. Our creosote is ethically sourced from our high-desert landscape.