The treasures of the sea.

Who is Nate Ricketts...

 Meet the artist

Having been raised in California's Newport Beach and Oahu's North Shore, Nate Ricketts has always felt an affinity for the treasures of nature. He could frequently be found drawing and painting coastal subjects from a young age. His desire to construct beautiful environments drew Nate to the field of interior design. He was fortunate to begin his career under the guidance of the amazingly talented Dan Marty, of Dan Marty Design in West Hollywood. 
For the past 20 years, Nate has created high-quality art pieces from nature’s most interesting materials.  Every day Nate is inspired by the natural and wondrous creations found on our planet. Much of his work is inspired by these media: seashells, corals, crystals, and stones. The sea-life pieces unfold as if plucked from the ocean floor. Likewise, the crystal work reflects the more rigid and organized structure of the minerals themselves. 
Nate now lives in the high desert of Southern California, where he and his small design team work tirelessly to create exciting, innovative, and fun accessories for the personalized home. To own one of Nate's creations is to own a genuinely unique work of art. "It is the wonders of nature that make these furnishings truly resonate with something inside each of us," claims Nate. "I simply bring all these elements together to create a beautiful and functioning piece of art to enchant your home environment."

Why should you own a piece of Nate Ricketts?

Nate's current pieces have transitioned into a modern, minimalist mood with clean lines and bold structure.  He tries to honor the materials in each piece, allowing them to speak for themselves and create pieces as bold and awe-inspiring as the elements with which they are made.