• Selenite Planter Pot Large


Welcome to Nate Ricketts Design!

Nature as art.

The treasures of the seas have long inspired us to wonder in awe at the natural beauty of our world. There really is no greater artist than Mother Nature herself. This is the force that drives the art of Nate Ricketts. Invite into your home a masterpiece of nautical wonders from the planet's deepest oceans, or a dazzling crystal cluster hidden for millennia miles beneath the Earth's surface. Each of these collectibles is superbly handcrafted with extraordinary quality and an elegance of design that is exclusively Nate Ricketts'.

Keep your personal treasures sacred in a handmade seashell covered box, modeled from vintage sailor's valentines of the 1800's. Make a statement in any room of your home, combining form and function, with a breathtaking Selenite Crystal Chandelier or a beautiful amethyst lamp. Much like every shell in the ocean, each piece from Nate Ricketts is, by its very nature, a unique and collectible work of art.



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