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Selenite and Quartz Crystal Standing Cross - Wholesale

$ 118.00

Selenite is the stone of mental clarity and love. Both the selenite and the Apophyllite crystal in the center are said to enhance communication with guardian angels and facilitate spiritual growth. This elegant and decorative design will surely bring these angelic qualities into your home.

The 9" cross and the 30" cross vary slightly from the 12", 17", and 22" crosses. Note the differences in the descriptions below and photos.


9" Standing Cross:

Selenite and Tibetan Quartz on crystalline base.

The 9" standing cross is double sided and looks great from all angles! It has a raw crystalline base.


12" 17" 22" Standing Cross:

Selenite and Tibetan Quartz on Wood Base

These crosses vary slightly from the smaller cross; they feature quartz bursts from their wooden bases.


36" Standing Cross:

Selenite and Tibetan Quartz on Acrylic Base

This cross features a selenite burst from its acrylic base.


Shipping Information:

Shipping for Wholesalers is 18% of the total per item. Shipping charges will be requested at the time of shipment.