The treasures of the sea.

Knotty Crystal Weave

$ 380.00

This special Crystal Weave boasts selenite and quartz crystal, hand woven feather adornments, painted gold rings, and an abundance of knots.  It is a glorious bohemian art piece featuring the energetic crystal properties of angelic light, love, and intention.


Highest quality Selenite Crystal from the caves of Morocco. Known as "The Angelic Stone" Selenite Crystal connects us to the realm of the angels.  It holds energetic properties of Light and Love. 

Quartz Point Crystal:  Amplifies and stores energies and intentions.  Imported from Brazil's Amazon. 

Feather:  symbol of hope and spiritual growth.  A connection to higher realms and states of being.  A reminder to see the big picture ‘bird’s eye view’.