The treasures of the sea.

Angel Weaves

$ 225.00

Inspired by the desert and the Angelic Stone: Selenite Crystal.   These wall hangings take Boho Chic to the next level.  Their majestic nature and hand-woven quality adds angel energy glory to any space.  

Handmade in California at Nate Ricketts Design Studio.


Highest quality Selenite Crystal from the caves of Morocco. Known as "The Angelic Stone" Selenite Crystal connects us to the realm of the angels.  It holds energetic properties of Light and Love. 

Quartz Point Crystal:  Amplifies and stores energies and intentions.  Imported from Brazil's Amazon. 

God's Eye: From the native Huichol people used for protection from an uncertain future.

Sun Weave:  Woven Sun symbol represents the vital force that drives you to seek the highest expression of your true self.