The treasures of the sea.

HOPE Tree Featuring Amazonite Pebbles

$ 44.00

We could all use a little more hope in our lives. This special tree boasts a natural seafoam color that comes from the Amazonite Pebbles it is constructed from.  Amazonite Stone, a.k.a. The Hope Stone, is actually mined in the Amazon and has been used for centuries by Amazonian princesses and Egyptian Pharaohs to ward off negative spirits.  Its used in Feng Shui to smooth communication and promote love between partners, affecting both the throat and heart chakras. 

"My favorite color is Amazonite," shares Nate. "It encompasses all the brilliant soothing colors of the ocean and jungle that make my soul sing with life."

Tree sizes are measured in Height without the remove-able Seastar topper. 

All are hand-made in USA by artisans in Nate Ricketts Design California Studio. 

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