The treasures of the sea.

Selenite Crystal Angel Wings

$ 879.00

Selenite Crystal Angel Wings (Left and Right Wing Set)

A jaw-dropping work of art handmade with Moroccan Selenite crafted into a pair of angel wings shining in their crystal glory.  Their beautiful elegance elevates the aesthetic of any room and easily harmonizes with your personal style. Selenite is the stone of mental clarity, love, and enhances communication with guardian angels to facilitate spiritual growth.  

"When I found out that selenite carries the light of the angels, I knew I had to make Angel Wings from it.  It still amazes me how these hard stone pieces transform to look soft as feathers in the completed piece." - Nate Ricketts

Mounts easily to to your walls with 2 D-ring hooks on each wing allowing for various mounting  angles according to your preference.

8" wing (17" approximate wing span) approx 16oz each wing

14" wing (30" approximate wing span)  approx 2 lbs each wing

18" wing (42" approximate wing span) 

26" wing (54" approximate wing span)

38" wing (80" approximate wing span) approx 15lbs each wing.

(Measurements are from end to end)

Properties of the Stones:

Selenite Crystal: "The Angelic Stone" Connects us to the realm of the angels.  Stone of Light and Love.  Mined from the caves of Morocco.